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When to water, fertilize or both

The rising temperatures of summer call for consistent and correct tree maintenance. With each tree being different, do you know when to water and fertilize yours? Tyler Woody, a certified arborist for FirstEnergy, provides some watering and fertilizing information so you can keep your trees healthy and strong during the season. During summer’s heat, watering…

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Who do you call when a storm hits?

Along with the picturesque days of summer comes the occasional harsh storm. The care that you provide your trees in a storm’s aftermath is important. When a storm strikes this summer, do you know when to call an expert? Tyler Woody, a certified arborist for FirstEnergy, offers some tips to ensure your summertime tree care…

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Keep Your Trees Healthy While They Bring You Summer Shade

Do you know how to properly care for your trees during the summer season? The hot, direct sunlight that is so common in the summer months can be hard on the trees you need for shade. The occasional harsh summer storm can cause your trees stress as well. Tyler Woody, a certified arborist for FirstEnergy,…

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Let’s Talk HVAC Filters

HVAC air filters help keep the air in your home dust- and allergen-free and keep your heating and cooling system running efficiently.  But how do you decide which filter is best?  That depends on you – and your system. First, you’ll want to choose a filter that fits.  Choosing the wrong size can have a…

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Power Surges 101

When most people think of a power surge, they envision a smoking laptop or a blacked-out TV.  The truth is that not all power surges immediately destroy your electronic devices. In fact, that’s pretty rare. But, all surges have the potential to cause damage, so it’s important to understand why they happen, what they can…

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How Much Is Your Old Fridge Costing You? Recycling it May Be Easier Than You Think.

A second refrigerator tucked away in your garage or basement might be good when you need to store extra food or beverages.  But is the convenience these second refrigerators provide worth the added energy costs?  Before you stock up your backup fridge, consider the costs of keeping that energy hog running: According to, more…

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How Well Do You Know Your Home?

Smart Thermostats Give Homeowners Greater Control of Their Heating and Cooling Costs

You’re probably aware that using a programmable thermostat can help you manage your electric bills. It can be programmed to a preset schedule according to when you’re home and away, saving you money and hassle. But, how effective is your programmable thermostat in understanding how well your HVAC system is performing? While programmable thermostats are…

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